Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a mucoadhesive gel?

Blissel has a mucoadhesive formulation which works synergistically with the estriol, providing both a moisturising effect and increasing the retention and penetration of the hormone.1

How does Blissel differ from a cream formulation?

Blissel is formulated as a mucoadhesive gel rather than a cream. Non-mucoadhesive products may have shorter vaginal contact times and produce leakage.1

What are the benefits of using an ultra low dose preparation like Blissel?

Low dose estriol formulations, such as Blissel, have significantly lower systemic absorption of the hormone than higher dose medications.2

Why does Blissel use an applicator?

The applicator allows the patient to place the dose of Blissel gently in the correct location with minimal mess. The applicator can be cleaned and reused, reducing waste.

Are there other products that are formulated like Blissel?

Blissel is the only mucoadhesive gel hormonal preparation available on prescription to treat vaginal atrophy.3

What dose of estriol does Blissel contain?

Blissel is an ultra low dose estriol vaginal gel, containing 50 micrograms/g of estriol.3,4

How long does Blissel take to have an effect?

Blissel has been shown to produce a rapid improvement in symptoms, sometimes from the initial days of treatment.1

What are the physiological effects of Blissel?

Blissel treats the cellular changes that lead to vaginal atrophy, leading to a significantly higher maturation value of the vaginal tissue compared to placebo (p<0.001) after 12 weeks of treatment. 4 Blissel also reverses the changes in pH that occur in vaginal atrophy, with a significantly lower vaginal pH compared to placebo (p<0.001) after 12 weeks of treatment.4

What effect does Blissel have on the signs of vaginal atrophy?

Blissel leads to a significant improvement in the signs of vaginal atrophy, including mucosal dryness (p=0.04), flattening of folds (p<0.001), pallor (p<0.001) and vaginal fragility (p=0.006).4

What effect can Blissel have on my patient’s symptoms?

Blissel leads to a significant overall improvement in symptoms (significantly lower Global Symptom Score vs placebo (p=0.02) at week 12) and improves or completely resolves vaginal dryness in over 88% of women (P = 0.001; relative risk [RR], 1.32; CI, 1.08-1.62).4

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Ultra low dose estriol vaginal gel4

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